Medical Services

General Surgery

We perform procedures that are required above the normal medicinal treatement. These can include the removal of foreign bodies, repair of wounds and fractures, or spay & neuter. We have a dedicated surgical theater for all elective and curative procedures.

Laboratory Services

As part of our diagnostic process, sometimes we require a sneak peek to understand what is happening inside of our patients. This involves the sampling of specimens some of which we analyze/examine in our clinic whereas more complex screenings are referred to accredited laboratories.


The mouth and teeth are fundamental to good nutrition, and good nutrition is the basis of wholesome health. Healthy teeth also give our pets beautiful smiles. We perform dental procedures such as plaque removal, teeth extraction, and dental education which is important in safeguarding the dental health of our pets.


The skin is the largest organ and performs numerous functions to support life. As such it is afflicted by various conditions much more frequently than other organs and diagnosis and management requires a keen approach. At Hardy Veterinary Clinic, we have established contacts with dermatology specialists to assist in these cases as much as possible for the benefit of our patients and clients.

Internal Medicine

We deal with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatement of diseases. Some cases involving major organ systems or multiple organs are more complex and require in patient care. This gives us a chance to carry out necessary tests, monitoring, and patient support for the best possible outcome.

Emergency Services

We believe that one should always “prepare for the worst and hope for the best”. With that in mind we try to be there for our clients and their pets during any emergency situation. The first 24 hours are critical in determining the outcome of any medical or surgical emergency.